Virgil brings wisdom to the world of work.


What We Do

Virgil designs and delivers transformational human capital solutions that give individuals and organizations the insight needed to make better employment decisions.

Virgil collects data across the ecosystem of job seekers, employers, educational providers and local markets.

We convert that data to insights utilizing a proprietary AI-driven intelligence engine.

This delivers outcomes that job seekers and partners want: better jobs, better candidates and more of both.



Hcareers is the leading talent recruitment platform in the hospitality industry.  With a 20-year track record, 4+ million registered job seekers and 3,000+ active recruiting customers, Hcareers has developed one of the most venerable brands in the hospitality industry.

Powered by Virgil Intelligence, Hcareers offers recruiters and job seekers unparalled data-driven solution to talent acquisition and career management.

Virgil Careers

Virgil Careers lets job seekers assess their competitiveness for any career and recommends careers for which they are the best fit.

Virgil Careers identifies for professionals exactly which experiences and skills they need to build in order to switch into a new field or industry.


Virgil has developed a set of open APIs that can enhance the performance of human capital products.
These services offer:


Proprietary candidate scoring, recommendation and job matching.

Career Pathways

A career recommendation engine that provides personalized skill development roadmaps.


Relevant job listings delivered from proprietary job sourcing platforms.


A user authentication and data repository enabling user-authorized transference of data across platforms.

These services can be integrated into platforms individually or collectively.


We are proud to be working alongside some of the most influential associations in the industry.

By forging and expanding strong alliances with leading influencers and educators in the industry, Virgil can be the cornerstone of collaboration that ensures a strong, growing and highly-skilled workforce in an industry where people matter the most.